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Hint Book

If after you finished the game did not get te Super-Sleuth rank, the game will offer to give you some hints that you can use next time you play the game. If you can't find the solutions to those hints then look them up here!

Celie would appreciate a "gift."

Always search on or around the bodies thoroughly.

The Colonel may not be such a bad guy after all.

Examine the hallways very closely.

The "tin man" is related to the "water nymph."

The monocle resembles a magnifying glass.

Visit the attic often and as early as possible.

Ask all the characters about the other characters.

Did you REALLY search the kitchen?

Have you THOROUGHLY searched the carriage house?

There's more to the chapel than meets the eye!

Consider it a noteworthy event whenever you see a character change clothes, apply make-up, wash up, or apply perfume.

It may not be polite to eavesdrop, but it sure is informative!

Did you enter the cellar?

Polly wants a cracker.

Eavesdrop on interesting conversations.

What is your nose telling you about the crime site?

Watch Rudy closely!

You never know what dogs may find!

Celie has lost something she considers valuable. She would appreciate it's return.

A thorough search of the outbuildings in in order.

The bell holds the "key" to something in the basement.

Look for multiple "rusty" objects.

Eavesdrop on the Colonel. There's more to him than you think!

Something has been added to Fifi's room.

Something of the doctor's is missing.

Eavesdrop and catch some titillating information!

If you find an object in a concealed location attempt to discover who it belongs to.

Murderers leave tracks. Check them closely.

Follow Fifi. You'll be glad you did!

Always check wastepaper baskets.

The cognac decanter may be important.

Lillian has a secret.

Someone pilfered a weapon!

Clarence's body is hidden somewhere in the house.

Lillian keeps a diary.

Crowbars can be very useful items.

You don't know Lillian as well as you think!

A certain weapon is no longer where it was!

There is a "room" under the house!

You may have pinned the crime on the wrong person!