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Sierra produced a few additional items to promote The Colonel's Bequest game. Like for all its adventure games, Sierra published also a hintbook for this game.


The hintbook for The Colonel's Bequest was written by Roberta Williams herself (the main game author, who also wrote the story). Like all Sierra adventure games, it is written in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-style. The answers can only be retrieved using the red "The Adventure Window" that was supplied with the hintbook. Without it, the answers in the book are barely readable.

See the following scan of two questions in the hintbook:

Roberta stresses several times in the book that you should play the game on your own and should not use the hintbook until you are really stuck and don't know how to proceed any further. That's why she added some so-called "red herrings" to the book, in other words questions/answers that are false and are about things that are not in the game at all. One example is the question "I found a skeleton in a closet. What should I do with it?"... there is NO skeleton in a closet in the game! Thanks to this, you can quite safely read the questions in the book, until you found the question that you are looking for, without spoiling the game.

Beside the questions/ansers, the hintbook also contains descriptions about the various game characters and some maps. It also contains a list that you can refer to when you completed the game, but did not became "Super-Sleuth". This section of the book is not complete though and misses several important things.

The Colonel's Bequest t-shirt

CB shirt, Full View

To celebrate the release of The Colonel's Bequest, Sierra released a The Colonel's Bequest t-shirt in the sizes S, M, L, XL for US$ 7.98. .
This picture was donated by Liam Barnesdale. Many thanks

Sierra Video Catalogue

In the '80s and early '90s Sierra did not release demonstration versions of their software. Instead, US customers could order a VHS videocassette (NTSC format) for only US$ 4.95 from Sierra. This VHS cassette contained rolling demos of the most important games that Sierra had available. The music was recorded from the Roland MT32 soundtrack of the games. It is very likely that the 1989-1990 edition contained The Colonel's Bequest.